The strange flash of quality

December 14, 2018

Although someone’s always at fault, so as he’s just left the club, I’ll condemn Paul Stalteri. Though seriously, thanks Paul, for a great few years of the solution at both appropriate back and (sickeningly) in some cases left back. You racked up an outright corker versus Leicester in the cup, yet we still lost that game and obtained knocked out of the mug.

I expect that sort of sums up your time below; you were rather strong and often shocking with, but ultimately it didn’t really indicate anything. What do you expect when we simply shed to Newcastle at SJP for the billionth time. I’m truly starting to dislike Newcastle because they always seem to beat us when it matters. These were my thoughts come completion of the game

A bit extreme

‘The score was 1-1. Sky Sports was my savior once more; I really did not care how we were playing. I just desired a win. Those wonderful, covetous three points. That male I ought to keep in mind the name of and have really fulfilled in reality appears on display as its halftime between Toolbox and Liverpool. There’s been an objective at St James Park he claims with a sneer. I dislike him. To who? New Year 2019 To who ??? I intend to punch him, somebody, my T.V, anything. Who has scored? But he’s not listening.

The strange flash of quality

TELEVISION adverts take control of and mock my every effort. I switch over to transport 405 as quickly as my pudgy, clumsy fingers can get me there. Skies Sports Information, reliable SSN, they’ll save me obviously. Yet no! There’s no word of the Spurs game, which must be certainly over by now. For a short time, we disappear. The game is merely not happening. The result does not show up on the major display nor the news feed listed below it. I almost pass away of exasperation. I admire the skies (my ceiling). I fall to my knees. I’m not religious and I don’t know what I’m doing but I request an objective in our favour. A little, modest request. The football gods must hear me. I’ll do anything.

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